Digital Imaging Improves Warehouse Management Efficiencies

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Posted Oct 12, 2010 2:28:02 PM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

linear-imager1In our post yesterday I described some of the retail applications that can be streamlined with digital imaging solutions. Digital imaging data capture devices also help improve operations and increase productivity throughout the warehouse. Rugged handheld digital imagers offer a single device that can read both 1D and 2D bar codes and withstand harsh warehouse environments. Some typical warehouse applications that are improved with digital imaging solutions include:

Shipping and Receiving-it is quite common for warehouse shipments to contain multiple bar codes types, with a digital imager there is no need for multiple devices because a single device can read virtually all types of codes. Eliminate the need for multiple devices, save on maintenance and lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Proof of Condition-many digital imaging devices have the ability to capture high-resolution photographs with a built-in camera. This allows employees to capture and document any incoming shipments that arrive damaged and helps reduce liability.

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