Developing a Mobile Support Plan - 10 Questions to Help Guide You

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Posted May 6, 2015 6:00:00 AM by Greg Henry & filed under mobile support




Consumer use of mobile computing devices continues to scale at an increasing rate with most consumers owning more than one device.  Whether it is the latest smart phone, tablet or wearable gadget, mobile devices are here to stay.  As a result of personal adoption, these devices have made their way into the corporate enterprise and as such corporations must make the necessary changes to mainstream them into the business process. 

Beyond making the decision to implement mobile devices, choosing a partner to work with and take the steps through the deployment stages. We tend to be so overwhelmed with the deployment phase that we forget about the importance of post deployment mobile support.  After we implement mobile devices, then what? What is the plan if something breaks? How will we fix it? How much time will we be down? These types of questions start to flood your mind. It is best to have a mobile support plan in place for these types of scenarios – because they have happened to all of us.


Here are 10 helpful questions to use as a guide to develop your mobile support plan:
  1. Who do users contact for support questions?
  2. What hours/ days of the week is support required?
  3. What types of support documentation are required?
  4. What does the issue escalation chain look like?
  5. How/ when do you update existing mobile devices with application or OS upgrades?
  6. How/ when do you deploy new mobile applications?
  7. How do you replace damaged equipment in the field?
  8. How do you track mobile assets through their life cycle?
  9. What is your procedure for deploying new locations during the support phase?
  10. Do we have the resources to support internally or will we outsource?

Like all computer based solutions, mobile computing solutions do not manage themselves.  Ideally, prior to deployment, you need to define your support needs and put a support program in place. Keeping your system up and running is just as important as its initial deployment, as you can only achieve your desired ROI when it is in use.

Once your system is up and running your users come to rely on the system to perform their daily tasks and your staff is on to their next project.  To get the most out your investment and reduce the strain placed on your organization, you need a strong mobile support plan. 


Get your ducks in a row and be able to handle any scenario.



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