DecisionPoint Announces MobileCare™ Device Provisioning

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Posted Feb 10, 2010 7:30:13 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

sonimprovisioning-crop-no-logo1-150x150DecisionPoint recently announced the expansion of their MobileCare™ Support Services Suite to include MobileCare™ Provisioning Services. This new offering provides customers with the convenience of receiving ready-to-use devices. Instead of spending time configuring and loading applications yourself, the experts at DecisionPoint take care of it for you. This ensures a trouble free out-of-box experience that will have you mobile immediately.

MobileCare™ Provisioning Services include:

  • Unpack and inspect phone and accessories
  • Charge the battery for immediate use
  • Carrier data settings
  • Browser configuration
  • Java Application Manager installation (if applicable)
  • Download, install and configure application
  • Insert SIM card and test connectivity
  • Delivery to customer directed location

DecisionPoint offers provisioning services for several devices and software solutions, including SmartLOCATE. You canDownload the MobileCare™ Provisioning for SmartLOCATE datasheet to learn more about DecisionPoint’s MobileCare™ Provisioning Services and the benefits of relying on mobility experts.


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