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Posted Jul 28, 2009 10:16:19 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

lockandkey1Increasingly, mobile security is in the news. Fortunately, DecisionPoint can ease our customers’ minds in this regard. Virtually all of our solutions feature data encryption. In addition, we can offer a three-pronged solution to safeguard their data:

  1. Device Security. Common features include monitoring of last communication, capability to lock down device or wipe data.
  2. Security Suites. Firewall and antivirus.
  3. Mobile VPN. In addition to VPN security, functionality typically includes seamless network roaming, session resumption and data transaction recovery.

Depending on the customer’s desired level of security, the above components can be implemented individually or in any combination. Contact DecisionPoint Systems, Inc. to assist your company in determining the ideal level of security required and the combination of products that will meet your security needs.

In future blog posts, the above security solutions will be explored in more depth.


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