Big Reveal: Zebra’s Breakthrough Android Touch Industrial Handheld Is Here

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Posted May 5, 2019, 1:40:18 PM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under integrate with inventory levels, mobile workforce trends, enterprise mobility solution, Warehouse Management Solutions, MC9300, android upgrade

We’ve been building, deploying, and supporting mobile information and computing systems for over 25 years, but we still get excited when a truly new and groundbreaking innovation comes along.

We’re certainly feeling that excitement now, after our technology partners at Zebra unveiled their breakthrough Android handheld industrial touch computer at ProMat 2019.

Zebra’s new MC9300 is an ultra-rugged device that combines the latest Android touch mobile computing simplicity with keypad data entry, 1D and 2D barcode scanning, and better processing power, Wi-Fi performance, and battery life than the mobile industry has ever seen in a device of this type.

We’re gearing up to bring this device and its phenomenal capabilities to our customers, to help them take their mobile workflows to unprecedented levels of simplicity and efficiency.

Here’s quick overview of the MC9300 and the many benefits it’s poised to deliver.

Android Touch Computing

Touch computing has revolutionized the way we use apps on smartphones and tablets, and Zebra has now brought that simplicity and ease of use to an ultra-rugged industrial handheld mobile computer.

The MC9300’s large, 4.3-inch screen and Android touch interface makes business apps as easy to use as any smartphone app. Plus, you can even use a finger, stylus, or gloved finger to navigate the screen and your apps—even if the screen is wet. But there’s still a convenient physical keypad for manual navigation and data entry.

Max Processing Power and Memory

The MC9300 is an ultra-powerful mobile computer with a Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 660 8-core processor. It also provides up to eight times the RAM, and sixteen times the flash memory of previous-generation devices.

Ultra-Rugged Durability

The MC9300 is the most rugged device that Zebra has ever built, which is saying a lot. But the device takes Zebra’s legendary durability even further, with an ultra-rugged design that even withstands the extremes of cold storage and hazardous environments.

Full-Shift Battery Life and Predictive Battery Management

Zebra’s PowerPrecision+ battery technology delivers the most battery power in its class and nearly twice the run time of Zebra’s predecessor MC9200 device.

It also provides faster charging, complete battery statistics for better power management, and a free PC-based application that identifies aging batteries before they impact your workflows.

Faster Wi-Fi with Superior Connections

Zebra’s MC9300 breaks speed barriers with MU-MIMO technology and Zebra’s WorryFree Wi-Fi. With these features, you get increased Wi-Fi range and speed, plus near-instant application response times. The same features also help deliver unmatched roaming and exceptional voice quality.

Lifetime Security Updates with Zebra’s LifeGuard

Microsoft’s recent changes to its OS support policies and the end of life for Windows Embedded Handheld underscore the importance of long-term OS updates and security patches. Zebra has taken the lead with LifeGuard™ for Android.

With LifeGuard, you get 10 years of guaranteed security and OS updates, long after Google’s default support period of five years. You also get end-to-end control of the Android over-the-air update process, which makes updating your devices much easier.

Terminal Emulation Right Out of the Box

Zebra’s MC9300 makes it unbelievably simple to migrate your legacy terminal “green screen” apps to Android with its All-Touch Terminal Emulation. You can migrate your TE apps in minutes or hours and convert them to touch-based apps without any coding or back-end modifications.

The software walks you through the whole process and lets you customize your apps, screens, and interfaces exactly the way you want them.

Choose the Right Partner - DecisionPoint Systems

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To learn more about these and the many other great features and benefits of Zebra’s MC9300 device, download Zebra’s spec sheet or contact DecisionPoint now.

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