Benefits of a Field Mobility Solution

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Posted Jul 10, 2009 10:24:48 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

pod1Field Mobility solutions offer rapid return on your investment with compelling tangible and intangible benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reduced Expenses:
    • Complete more jobs per day
    • Dispatch closest driver
    • Eliminate/reduce unauthorized vehicle use
    • Automate time entry / eliminate manual errors and data entry expense
    • Timely vehicle maintenance
  • Increased Cash Flow:
    • Improved customer service
    • Proof of service reduces disputes and accelerates collections
  • Improved Safety/Security:
    • Improved communications between dispatch and drivers
    • Faster emergency response times

… all for less than 20 cents per hour per mobile worker–excluding hardware and data plan–with aSaaS solution.


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