Bar Code and RFID Track and Trace Solutions

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Posted Sep 8, 2010 3:10:38 PM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

Pharmacist Pouring Pills into BottleTrack and trace solutions in the pharmaceutical supply chain ensure product safety and security. From production to dispensing, bar code and RFID track and trace technology and applications satisfy regulatory requirements and increase patient safety. Track and trace solutions have numerous benefits and the use of bar codes and RFID enable:

Recall Management-encoding lot numbers, expiration dates and other detailed information into bar codes allow manufacturers and distributors to trace specific products throughout the supply chain. This enables the quick recall of specific shipments and quantities.

Product Authentication-printing unit-dose bar code labels on secure media reduces potential fraud. Numerous methods are used, such as encrypted RFID chips and the recording of lot numbers to deter return fraud and to limit the possibility of counterfeit drugs entering the supply chain.

Inventory Management-RFID tagging speeds up the inventory process and provides increased visibility, enabling the tracking of product whenever and wherever it is moved. An Accenture study found that improved visibility from RFID could allow manufacturers to reduce their safety stock by up to 30%.

Efficient Sample Distribution and Recording-pharmaceutical sales reps equipped with mobile devices that feature bar code scanning and signature capture can automatically record the samples given and even record the signature of the receiving physician.

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