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Posted Mar 24, 2010 1:56:26 PM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

aztec-code-dp1Aztec Code is a high-density 2D matrix symbology built on a grid with a bull’s-eye pattern at the center. Data is encoded in a series of layers that encircle the bull’s-eye, with the most critical data normally placed in the center. The Aztec Code:

  • Can encode up to 3750 characters
  • Provides orientation independent scanning
  • Includes built-in error correction
  • Requires no white space around symbol boundaries

The Aztec Code is the symbology of choice for Mobile Ticketing because critical data is placed in the center of the symbol and this where mobile display screens are brightest. Having data in the brightest area of the screen ensures the best reads possible. In addition, the sophisticated error correction makes it a great symbology for paper tickets as well and ensures that even wrinkled or stained codes can be read accurately.


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