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What Will 2020 Look Like?

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Sep 23, 2014 10:07:23 AM

The year 2020 is less than 6 years away and the only thing I can say is that based on the last 6 years the next six years are sure to present an entirely new set of gadgets, technologies and services. Let’s take a guess at what three common products today will look like in 2020. The smartphone has exploded in sales over the last six years, out selling the number of people on the planet and applications numbering in the 100’s of thousands. While today’s applications are largely entertainment in nature in 2020 the smartphone will be the console to your world. We will use it to start our cars, lock our homes and it will be our single financial instrument for trade. Due largely to the efforts of Tesla Motors, the electric car is coming of age. In 2020, every auto manufacture will have one or more offerings and charging stations will be common place at your most frequent destinations (grocery stores, shopping malls and even Starbucks). Lastly, I am constantly amazed at the service industries that continue to evolve as our society seeks to improve our life style. While cleaning and landscaping service providers have existed for more than 100 years their growth continues to increase. In additional to these traditional services we see newer services such as mobile mechanics and grocery delivery on a mass scale. Convenience is in our DNA and technology will enable an entirely new set of services going forward. What do you think 2020 will look like?

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Getting to the root of who you are.

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Sep 17, 2014 10:10:16 AM

Often one of the most difficult tasks company’s face is how to define their place in the world and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Every company is different, even those that provide the same product or services. This is because companies are more than just the products and services they sell. Companies are a collection of individuals and as such each brings a unique view of the world which influences “HOW” as opposed to “WHAT” a company produces. It is the “HOW” that truly determines the image or brand of a company. Taking a long look at HOW you are different from your competitors is one method for identifying your unique value. Another method to help define your company is to look not at the items you produce but the end result of what these items produce. A company that manufactures drill bites may describe themselves as the leading provider of “accurate holes” for cabinet manufactures.

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Looking for something you cannot find?

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Sep 9, 2014 10:10:39 AM

With the invention of the internet and continued advancements in search engine technology, the World Wide Web has become the largest single depository of information available to man. However, even with all this information there are still times when I cannot readily access something I am looking for. It may be because I did not use the best search criteria or maybe it simply does not exist. At DecisionPoint, everything we do is related to mobile computing. As such, we have deep knowledge on this subject. If there is something related to mobile computing that you need please give us a try. We are eager to hear your needs and identify a solution.

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