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Fresh-Baked Ideas to Stay on TOP

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on May 25, 2012 11:25:43 AM

Does your company use outdated technologies that seem like more trouble than they are worth? That’s because they probably are. Another company found itself in the same spot recently, when it seemed like their DSD (direct store delivery) system, specifically its printers were not on par with what they needed to make quick and efficient deliveries. They were having troubles with their old dot matrix matrix printers, Okidata 390s to be exact.

This company was having trouble getting replacement parts, so they called us here at DecisionPoint Systems to see if we could support their existing equipment. It turns out, supporting these old devices had been more costly and complex than they had anticipated. The devices were always breaking, which means that they were constantly being shipped back and forth to and from service centers. Not only that, but they were having all sorts of problems with their printers. What a nightmare! It just seemed like the problems were piling up!

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