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Are you Prepared for Electronic On-Board Recorder Requirements?

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 30, 2011 2:11:41 PM

In our April 8th post I provided information about the benefits of automating Hours-of-Service (HOS). On January 31, 2011 the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued a regulatory proposal that would require interstate commercial truck and bus companies to install Electronic On-Board Recorders (EOBRs) to monitor their drivers’ HOS compliance.

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Motorola Android Tablet Beta Testing

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 29, 2011 2:12:50 PM

I just read an interesting article from Engadget that featured information about a new, rugged Android tablet being developed by Motorola. This information was passed to Engadget by an anonymous source and it appears that Motorola is in the early stages of developing an enterprise tablet and beta testing is scheduled to begin October of this year. Preliminary specifications show that the 7-inch tablet looks like it will feature:

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Zebra QLn™ Mobile Printer Lowers Operation Costs

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 28, 2011 2:14:42 PM

Zebra Technologies recently announced the release of the new QLn™ mobile printer which is the third generation of their popular QL printer. The QLn boasts innovative technology that lowers operation costs and enhances print quality. The QLn is the first printer with Zebra’s Power Smart Print Technology that delivers faster printer speeds, improved print quality and extended battery life. The QLn is ideal for retail shelf labels, price tags andhealthcare applications such as pharmacy and beside specimen labels. With the QLn workers have a reliable mobile printing solution that lasts for an entire shift and the fast print speeds enable users to print more labels during their shift—increasing efficiency and productivity.

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Safety Solutions for Lone Workers

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 27, 2011 2:15:47 PM

It is the duty of businesses to ensure that their employees are safe throughout the work day. With a growing number of mobile workers this can become quite a daunting task. Mobile workforces are constantly traveling, visiting customer homes and businesses and working in remote areas. There are several lone worker solutions that increase the safety of employees through monitoring and tracking.

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Visit DecisionPoint During the 2011 ISM Conference

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 24, 2011 2:16:24 PM

The 44th Annual ISM (IT Solutions Management for Human Services) Conference will be held in Austin, Texas August 14th-17th and DecisionPoint will be attending the show as a silver sponsor. The ISM is an affiliate of the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) and the goal of the organization is to promote the development and operation of effective automated systems in Health and Human Services.

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Improve Field Service Productivity with Real-Time Resources

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 23, 2011 2:17:17 PM

In our June 1st post I provided information about the importance of assigning field technicians to service calls based on skill level to improve first call resolution rates. With a mobile field service solution you can also provide technicians with access to technical reference documents, schematics and history on a mobile computer to further enhance productivity and first-time fix rates. Providing technicians with real-time resources on a mobile device not only increases first-time fix rates and boosts productivity, it also:

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Transform the Guest Experience with Mobile Solutions for Hospitality

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 22, 2011 2:18:41 PM

A recent study conducted by Motorola Solutions revealed that 56 percent of hospitality organizations plan to raise mobile investments to better equip workforces, improve operational efficiencies and enhance the customer experience. Hospitality organizations are elevating the guest experience with customer-facing applications and mobile technologies such as:

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Selecting a Kiosk Printer

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 21, 2011 2:19:30 PM

In past posts we’ve discussed the ways that kiosk printers enhance the shopping experience by providing customers with on-demand access to coupons, online order information and more. Selecting a kiosk printer that is easy to use and maintain are important considerations when implementing a kiosk solution. Check out this video from Zebra Technologies that explains the important features to look for and showcases a full-feature kiosk printer.


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Improve Field Worker Productivity with Grapevine Push-to-Talk

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 20, 2011 2:21:17 PM

In past posts we’ve provided information about DecisionPoint’s Push-to-Talk solution Grapevine and the benefits it provides to field-based workforces. Grapevine Push-to-Talk is an “always on” solution that enables instant voice communication over Windows Mobile phones or PCs and is ideal for communications between dispatch and field workers. Check out the latest video from DecisionPoint that features Grapevine and showcases its high-quality voice and performance.


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Up-Selling and Mobile Payment

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 17, 2011 2:21:52 PM

Our post yesterday focused on the opportunity to increase revenue by selling additional products and services during service calls with the help of mobile solutions. Adding mobile payment functionality to the mix further enhances up-sell opportunities. Mobile computers and printers enable field workers to close an entire deal on the spot, which has a big impact on up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. With an end-to-end field payment solution your workers can not only offer additional services and products, they can also:

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Up-Selling Opportunities in the Field

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 16, 2011 2:22:24 PM

Your field service technicians are responsible for more than just repairs. While they may not be traditional sales people, your customers consider them trusted advisors. Mobile field service solutions provide big opportunities to increase revenue by empowering field technicians and providing them with access to customer and service history. Alerting technicians to performance trends raises the potential for up-sell or cross-sell opportunities. A simple screen listing of appropriate services and products for each customer can be viewed on a mobile device to immediately extend an expiring warranty or service contract, upgrade services and cross-sell related products. There is no need to tell a customer that they need to contact customer service, it can all be taken care of during the service call.

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Electronic Citation Solutions Virtually Error-Proof the Citation Process

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 15, 2011 2:23:13 PM

Citation revenue is an important part of every city’s budget, yet each year illegible handwriting or technical errors cause large numbers of tickets to be dismissed. Automating the citation process virtually eliminates errors caused by illegible handwriting and data entry mistakes and increases revenue. With a handheld mobile computer, public safety officers can simply scan the bar code or swipe the magnetic stripe on the back of a driver’s license to auto-populate fields within an electronic citation form. Drop down menus for various violations and vehicle information completes the process. Adding a mobile printer also enables quick and accurate printing of the completed ticket at the time of violation.

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Connecting Smartphones and Kiosks

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 14, 2011 2:23:45 PM

Staying connected with consumers is important to increase loyalty and remain competitive. A new trend in kiosk solutions is helping retailers connect communications customers receive on smartphones outside of the store to their in-store experience. Wireless kiosks can connect to outside promotions such asmobile coupons and customers are directed to in-store kiosks to validate the code and coupons are quickly printed for use at the checkout. Wireless connectivity helps manage promotions by integrating with back office systems and can tie into inventory levels. Based on the type of promotion a customer receives outside of the store, kiosks can also provide additional advertisements and up-sell opportunities for related items.

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Turn-by-Turn Directions and Route Optimization for Field Technicians

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 13, 2011 2:24:14 PM

In our June 1st post I provided information about the importance of assigning field technicians to service requests with the right skills and inventory. It is also critical that your field technicians meet on-site service response times to keep customers satisfied. Turn-by-turn directions and route optimization ensure that your field techs arrive at the correct location—at the correct time. Optimizing routes and providing access to turn-by-turn directions enables service organizations to:

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Motorola DS4208 2D Imager Increases Productivity and Drives Customer Satisfaction

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 10, 2011 2:25:09 PM

In our June 7th post I provided information about 2D bar code imagers used for tracking equipment in healthcare facilities. 2D bar code imagers also provide numerous benefits when utilized for other healthcare applications such as pharmacy POS. With the ability to scan standard paper bar codes, as well as mobile bar codes from smartphone displays, the DS4208 imager helps businesses support the technology that so many consumers are embracing. Check out this great video from Motorola that features the DS4208 imager to see how it is driving efficiency and customer satisfaction in a variety of industries, including:

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RFID Enhances Access Control Security

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 9, 2011 2:26:12 PM

I’m sure most of you are aware that passports are now issued with RFID chips to improve security and reduce tampering or forgery. RFID technology enhances security for a variety of industries. RFID-based smart cards restrict and permit access on a card by card basis and are more secure than standard cards. RFID access cards only need to be placed within a reasonable distance of a RFID readerrather than swiped and are more secure than magnetic stripes because they’re embedded with anti-cloning technology.

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Determining Bar Code Print Resolution

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 8, 2011 2:26:47 PM

Selecting the right print resolution for your bar code application needs is critical. There is a lot to consider when deciding between 203, 300 or 600–dpi (dots per inch). This video from Zebra highlights the key considerations when selecting a printer resolution and provides guidelines and examples to help you make this important decision.


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2D Bar Code Tracking Solutions for Surgical Equipment

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 7, 2011 2:28:10 PM

Surgical tools are expensive and making sure all equipment is accounted for throughout regulatory sterilization and re-kitting is critical to healthcare facilities. Marking metal tools with a Direct Part Mark (DPM) speeds up the process of re-kitting and reduces human error. Digital imagers capable of reading 2D Direct Part Marks enable healthcare facilities to:

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Mobile Printers in the Warehouse

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 6, 2011 2:36:15 PM

In our May 26th post, I included a great video from Datamax O’Neil that showcases the RL4 rugged mobile printer. Rugged mobile label printers like the RL4 are ideal for warehouses because they increase efficiency and reduce errors while withstanding harsh conditions. Typical warehouse processes that can be improved with mobile printing include:

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Motorola MT2000 Series Video

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 3, 2011 2:36:50 PM

As promised in my post yesterday, today I’m providing a great video from Motorola Solutions that showcases theMT2000 Series. See how the MT2000 Series can streamline operations in warehouses with fast and flexible data capture and the ability to run simple applications.


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Streamline Warehouse Operations with the Motorola MT2000

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 2, 2011 2:37:27 PM

The adoption of 2D bar codes is growing, but 1D codes will be around for the foreseeable future. Having multiple devices for each type of code isn’t practical or cost-effective. A single device that can be used for 1D and 2D codes and can also capture both near and far codes is essential to streamline warehouse operations. The Motorola MT2000 Series of mobile terminals offers highly flexible devices that function as both a scanner and a mobile computer. The MT2000 Series eliminates the need for separate bar code scanners and key features include:

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The Right Resource for the Right Job

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 1, 2011 2:38:58 PM

Sending work orders to field technicians based on skill level, mobile inventory and customer history is an important function for the field service industry. Mobile field service solutions ensure field technicians are assigned to service requests with the right skills to improve first call resolution rate. Field technicians can also access an accurate history of services delivered to customers and warranty information which reduces inaccurate entitlement data that leads to free service. With the right resource sent to the right job, field service organizations realize improvements in the following areas:

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