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Happy New Year from DecisionPoint Systems!

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 31, 2010 9:55:37 AM

DecisionPoint Systems would like to wish you a happy and safe New Year! We will return next week with our regularly scheduled post.

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Mobile Applications Improve Inventory Visibility

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 30, 2010 9:57:16 AM

The cost of product inventory is the largest cost for retailers and having the correct amount of inventory on-hand and the right mix is essential to improve revenues and margins as well as customer satisfaction. Mobile computers enable retailers to keep accurate inventory levels through cycle counts as well as complete physical inventories. The information gained from these inventory activities can be combined with sales data to improve ordering and inventory stock levels.

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Digital Imaging Solutions for Hotels and Resorts

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 29, 2010 9:57:59 AM

In our Oct. 11th post I provided information about retail applications that utilize 2D imagers to capture information from the PDF417 bar code on the back of customer’s driver’s licenses. This type of application also provides many benefits to hotels and resorts and can help to speed up guest check-in and increase security for valet parking.

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RFID and GPS Provide Detailed Tracking

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 28, 2010 9:58:42 AM

RFID and GPS are powerful technologies on their own, but many companies are realizing the benefits of combining these two technologies to enable detailed tracking of items. Products with RFID tags can be read as they exit the warehouse or distribution center and can continue to be monitored via GPS within vehicles, providing improved visibility. GPS-enabled RFID readers can also be used to record additional information, such as point of origin coordinates, which can be loaded to the RFID tag. In the four walls and on the road, combining RFID and GPS can provide end-to-end visibility for food traceability, asset tracking and supply chain management.

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GO Zebra10 Printer Trade-In Program

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 27, 2010 9:59:21 AM

In our May 18th post we provided information about the new and improved GO Zebra10 Trade-In Program. The year is drawing to a close and you only have a few days left to take advantage of this great program. Act fast so you can receive up to $500 cash back on a new Zebra printer. Just trade-in an eligible, older model Zebra or competitive printer and purchase one of Zebra’s select new printers before December 31, 2010. Time is running out, so don’t miss the opportunity to realize the benefits of new advances in bar code printing, RFID printing/encoding and card printing, by upgrading to the latest technologies.

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Happy Holidays from DecisionPoint Systems

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 24, 2010 10:00:12 AM

DecisionPoint Systems would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday weekend!

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Mobile Field Service Solutions Improve Productivity

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 23, 2010 10:04:54 AM

Recent surveys conducted by the Aberdeen Group found that “organizations that have successfully deployed mobile solutions indicate that they have been able to eliminate an average of 41 minutes of non-productive administrative work from the daily lives of every service technician.” Leveraging mobile tools within a service organization reduces return service visits, overtime costs and the time spent completing paperwork and boosts productivity and efficiency. In fact, the survey also found that “paperwork required for completion of each service task was reduced from 2.6 to 0.8 forms per task with the use of a mobile solution.”

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Mobile Management Applications for Retailers

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 22, 2010 11:04:15 AM

In the fast-paced retail environment, it is essential that managers can access store productivity applications without spending their entire day behind a desk. By providing your managers with a solution that utilizes mobile computers or cell phones, they can access real-time information from the sales floor. Improve associate and manager productivity with applications that include:

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Look for DecisionPoint at the Field Service 2011 Conference

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 21, 2010 11:08:25 AM

DecisionPoint will be sponsoring the 9th Annual Field Service and Support Conference April 26-29, 2011 and will be presenting a workshop entitled “Achieving the ROI You Need from Your Field Service Automation Deployment.”

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RFID and EAS for Retail Security

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 20, 2010 11:09:13 AM

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is a technology used in many retail stores to prevent shoplifting. Special tags are affixed to merchandise and must be deactivated during purchase or an alarm will sound to notify store associates that an item with an active tag was detected at the exit. RFID enhances this scenario because it can provide specific information about items as they pass through the exit reader. If a business uses RFID for tracking inventory, they will be alerted in real-time as to what items are missing and how many items need to be reordered to replenish stock. In addition to real-time information about items that need to be reordered or restocked, this also provides valuable insight into the items most often stolen. Because of this, the powerful combination of RFID and EAS has been gaining interest with many retailers as a way to increase merchandise visibility, reduce shrink and prevent shoplifting.

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Mobile Solutions for Government Agencies

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 17, 2010 11:15:23 AM

Mobile government solutions increase the flexibility and the productivity of workers to ensure the safety of communities and the fast response to problems. Deploying solutions with the latest mobile, voice, bar code and RFID technologies provides compliance with standards and mandates, reduces costs and increases operational efficiency. Mobile solutions for government agencies include:

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DecisionPoint Systems Partners with TotalMobile to Provide Enhanced Field Mobility Solutions

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 16, 2010 11:17:59 AM

DecisionPoint Systems, Inc. (OTCBB:DNPI) announced yesterday that they have partnered with TotalMobile to provide end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions to customers. Through this partnership, DecisionPoint Systems, Inc. will now offer TotalMobile’s enterprise mobility software. This strategic partnership will help both companies provide a unique experience and combination of hardware and software to their customers.

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Mobile Solutions for Quality Control

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 15, 2010 11:19:36 AM

Many industries require quality control supervisors to travel to job sites to ensure that projects are meeting quality standards and are proceeding according to schedule. Paper processes for these inspections are time consuming to conduct and also increase the time that supervisors must spend on-site reviewing paperwork. By utilizing rugged mobile devices to conduct the inspections, data is sent in real-time so supervisors can review checklists and documentation from the back office. While on-site visits may still be required, the amount of time spent at each site is reduced, which enables more sites to be visited each day. DecisionPoint’s MobileArc™ Field Inspection solutions provide everything you need toeliminate paper processes and increase the efficiency and accuracy of quality control reviews.

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Mobile Coupons for Retail and Hospitality

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 14, 2010 11:19:53 AM

You may have noticed that many large retailers and restaurants are beginning to adopt mobile coupons and are taking advantage of this new marketing tool. Mobile coupons drive awareness so that retailers can increase sales and promote loyalty without customers being hassled with clipping coupons. A recent report by ABI Research reported that 63% of consumers feel that a coupon is the most valuable form of mobile marketing.

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Touch Inspect Custom User Interface

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 13, 2010 11:20:21 AM

In our Dec. 7th post I provided information about the benefits of customizable user interfaces and announced that DecisionPoint’s software partner Mobile Epiphany recently released new skinning tools for their Touch Inspect application. These tools enable customization of the Touch Inspect application to enhance the user experience and maximize efficiency. The video below provides more information about this new tool and the ways that your mobile workforce can benefit from a custom interface, as well as different examples of customization.


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GS1 Databar Retail Applications

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 10, 2010 11:21:42 AM

In our April 30th post I provided information about the bar code symbology GS1 Databar (Formerly Reduced Space Symbology). Today I’d like to take a look at some of the retail applications that can benefit from the use of this symbol. Because GS1 Databar has the ability to supply identification data such as manufacturer, expiration date and can encode more data in a smaller area, this symbol provides increased visibility into products and promotes traceability. This new symbology will impact retail applications for:

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Reducing the Cost of a Lost or Stolen Mobile Device

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 9, 2010 11:22:36 AM

The loss or theft of a mobile device isn’t only the loss of hardware; you must also consider security issues. A proactive approach to lost or stolen mobile devices is the best rule of thumb. It is important to ensure that device data is encrypted and password authentication is in place beforehand, but if a device is lost it’s also important to have remote capabilities to lock the device down. With a mobile device management solution in place you have the ability to reduce the negative effects of a lost or stolen device. MobileCare™ Device Management solutions from DecisionPoint enable you to remotely disable lost or stolen devices and reduce the associated costs and the impact on your company. Download the MobileCare Device Management datasheet to learn more about the features of this support offering designed to not only keep your devices up-to-date and running at their peak, but secure.

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Touch Inspect Child Services Demo Application

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 8, 2010 11:23:27 AM

In my post yesterday I discussed the benefits and efficiency gains provided by customizable user interfaces for mobile workforces. Today as promised, here is a link to a great video demo from DecisionPoint’s software partner Mobile Epiphany that showcases Touch Inspect with a customized user interface for a Child Services application.

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Custom Mobile User Interfaces Enhance the User Experience and Increase Efficiency

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 7, 2010 11:24:09 AM

Providing your mobile workforce with a customized user interface makes the user experience more enjoyable, as well as intuitive. With a tailor-made user interface you can improve your workers unique workflow and maximize efficiency. DecisionPoint’s software partner Mobile Epiphany recently released new skinning tools that enable the customization of their Touch Inspect application to match the look and feel of a particular industry or company branding.

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Geostamping and Field Applications

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 6, 2010 11:24:48 AM

A geostamp is much like a time stamp, but it records spatial data and typically includes information about latitude, longitude and elevation. Providing your field workers with a mobile device that features GPS technology and a high resolution camera enables them to append photographs with a time stamp as well as this spatial data. Geostamping provides accountability of field operations and confirmation that work has been completed at the right place and the right time. Geostamping is typically used for:

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Motorola MC65 Drives Efficiency in Transportation and Logistics

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 3, 2010 11:25:25 AM

In our Nov. 4th post I announced the release of the Motorola MC65 mobile computer and today I’d like to provide you with the opportunity to learn more about how this device improves efficiency and productivity in transportation and logistics. The MC65 is loaded with features you need to drive productivity, such as:

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Look for DecisionPoint at NRF 2011-Retail’s BIG Show

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 2, 2010 11:26:23 AM

In our November 19th post we announced that DecisionPoint would be attending NRF 2011 in January. As promised, today I’m providing additional information about the solutions we’ll have on display in our booth. DecisionPoint will be exhibiting Jan. 10th and 11th in the Motorola booth #1319 during the EXPO. Stop by and visit with us as we share some of the latest technologies and solutions designed to drive retail success. Booth demonstrations will include:

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Holiday Shopping and Mobile Phones

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Dec 1, 2010 11:27:10 AM

Much like every year, Black Friday sent droves of consumers to the stores searching for the best deals on holiday gifts. This year many shoppers were taking advantage of their mobile phones to do research before purchases. According to a recent Yahoo! And Neilsen’study, 9 out of 10 mobile Internet users accessed the Web while in stores and 51% made purchases after doing research via their phone. Shoppers are also paying attention to the ads that they receive on their phones while shopping and are looking for the ads to include information about price, features and benefits. Another recent study by MMA found that 59% of mobile consumers plan to use their mobile phones for holiday shopping and for planning holiday celebrations. As you can see, mobile applications are changing retail and creating new ways for retailers to interact with their customers this holiday season.

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