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Global Bay Mobile POS: Motorola MC75 and O’Neil OC2

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 30, 2010 10:38:09 AM

In our March 16th post we explained how Mobile POS (Point of Sale) Solutions enhance customer experience and increase loyalty. Today I’m sharing a great video from DecisionPoint’s software partner Global Bay that demos a mobile POS solution on a Motorola MC75 and Datamax O’Neil OC2 mobile printer. Check out how easily payments can be tendered on-the-go!


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Mobile Diagnostics and Home Health Care Field Mobility Solutions

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 29, 2010 10:39:57 AM

In our June 23rd post we described some of the healthcare applications that occur outside of the four walls and the popular mobility solutions for healthcare businesses with field workers. Today I’d like to take a closer look at what mobile diagnostic and home health care businesses can do by moving to automation.

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Help with Industry Acronyms

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 28, 2010 10:41:15 AM

Do you find yourself coming across industry acronyms you’re unfamiliar with? In the world of bar code, RFID and mobile solutions it’s easy to get stumped. If you’re looking for some help, you can visit the DecisionPoint Glossary of Industry Acronyms. This useful reference lists some of the common and not so common acronyms used within the industry.

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Fleet Management Solutions Increase Productivity

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 25, 2010 10:42:02 AM

In our June 22nd post we discussed how fleet management solutions help businesses control fuel costs, but that isn’t the only benefit. As promised, today I’d like to follow-up with information about the features and additional benefits of partnering with DecisionPoint Systems and Descartes for your Fleet Management Solution.

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Mobile Device Management Provides Big Cost Savings

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 24, 2010 10:43:02 AM

Integrated Solutions Magazine recently published an article that included some interesting statistics about the cost savings provided by Mobile Device Management Solutions. According to VDC Research, “using a Mobile Device Management Solution can save an organization more than $230 per device, per year, in support costs. For a 1,000-unit solution, that could potentially provide more than $1.1 million savings over five years.”

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Mobile Healthcare Solutions

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 23, 2010 10:44:17 AM

Not all healthcare applications take place within the four walls. There are a variety of healthcare businesses that rely on workers in the field, such as:

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Mobile Solutions Control Fuel Costs

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 22, 2010 10:45:09 AM

Mobile solutions from DecisionPoint enable you to effectively manage fleet activities and lower fuel costs by optimizing resources to reduce the number of miles driven. More effectively plan routes based on delivery windows, employee shift lengths, weight and more−while also improving communication between dispatch and drivers for real-time route updates. With a fleet management solution you can:

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Mobile Computers Provide Improved Shopping Experiences

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 21, 2010 10:45:44 AM

Consumers are constantly on-the-go, so it’s up to retailers to ensure that they reduce wait times and provide a higher level of service to keep them satisfied. The Motorola MC17 mobile device redefines self-service by allowing customers to scan items while they shop to reduce check-out time, create gift lists and receive targeted promotions. Check out this video form Motorola to learn more about how the MC17 can improve your customers’ shopping experience.


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Implementing Mobile Field Service Solutions with Mobile Payment

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 18, 2010 10:46:21 AM

According to the Aberdeen Group, companies with best-in-class field service operations complete about 8% more work orders per day than average performers and are 2.5% more profitable. Mobile field service solutions that include automation and mobile payment applications help businesses achieve these results by:

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DecisionPoint Systems and Antenna Software

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 17, 2010 10:47:02 AM

DecisionPoint’s MobileArc Field Mobility Solutions supply businesses with everything they need to successfully automate their field-based workforce. This includes providing multiple software options to ensure that you receive the best solution for your business and achieve desired ROI. DecisionPoint’s partner Antenna Software offers a wide variety of mobile applications designed to increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. With DecisionPoint and Antenna Software you get an all-in-one solution designed for your specific needs. Options include:

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Touch Inspect in Action

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 16, 2010 10:52:00 AM

In our June 9th post we included an informative video that showcased what Touch Inspect can do for businesses automating their inspection processes. Today I’d like to provide another great video from our partner Mobile Epiphany that showcases how Touch Inspect enables collection of data in the field to easily add and track assets, all from a handheld device with an intuitive user interface. Check out Touch Inspect in action!


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Secure Retail Mobility

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 15, 2010 10:52:22 AM

Mobile retail applications provide on-the-go access to mission-critical data that improves worker productivity and increases customer satisfaction. The widespread use of wireless networks is creating new opportunities for the retail industry, but businesses must ensure their network is properly secured for success. Allow the retail experts at DecisionPoint to guide you through this process to ensure that your mobile applications are secure and comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). With DecisionPoint you’ll:

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Empower your Workforce with Mobility

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 14, 2010 10:53:16 AM

Providing your mobile workforce with all the tools they need to get the job done is the first step to increasing productivity. Motorola recently released this new video that illustrates how the right mobile device can take your mobile workers from informed to empowered.

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Managing Devices in the Field for Increased Productivity

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 11, 2010 10:58:32 AM

DecisionPoint Systems offers a variety of mobile solutions that increase worker productivity. One of the easiest ways to ensure your mobile workforce remains productive is by deploying software that can control devices while in the field. CloudControl is a web-based management system hosted by DecisionPoint that provides this type of control. DecisionPoint can remotely:

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Mobile Loyalty Program Solutions

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 10, 2010 10:59:23 AM

Convenience is a key to maintaining loyal customers and providing a positive shopping experience. With a mobile loyalty program solution your customers have the convenience of accessing loyalty program promotions right from their mobile phone. With digitized loyalty cards you can reduce the hassle that many customers associate with loyalty cards, while also saving on the cost to print and distribute paper cards.

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What Can Touch Inspect Do For You Video

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 9, 2010 10:59:57 AM

As promised in our post yesterday about mobile inspection solutions, here’s a great video from our partner Mobile Epiphany that goes into more detail about Touch Inspect and what it can do for your business.


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Mobile Inspection Solutions

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 8, 2010 11:00:22 AM

Mobile inspection solutions enable your inspectors to work more efficiently by providing them with all of the tools they need right at their fingertips. Your mobile workforce can quickly locate assets for inspection, review past inspections and capture images or add notes to provide more detail−all from a handheld device. Inspectors can plan more effective routes to visit more sites per day and with geospatial location markers you can track where your workers and assets are. Data collected in the field is immediately available to all users and integrated with back-office systems so your workforce can make more informed decisions while on-the-go.

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DecisionPoint Courier and Last Mile Logistics Mobile Solutions Video

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 7, 2010 11:00:57 AM

DecisionPoint is excited to announce the recent release of our courier and last mile logistics video! Now you can hear from our customers and partners to learn more about the changes in the courier industry and how DecisionPoint’s sophisticated mobile tracking solutions help couriers meet new challenges head-on.


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DecisionPoint Systems Launches MobileArc® for Couriers

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 4, 2010 11:01:59 AM

DecisionPoint recently announced the launch of their MobileArc® for Couriers solution, part of the MobileArc® Field Mobility program. This service offering delivers everything a courier needs to utilize mobile computing to perform daily deliveries and generate the information demanded for continuous delivery tracking, right out-of-the-box.

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In-Cab Mobile Hotspots

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 3, 2010 11:02:51 AM

Audi recently announced that the 2011 A8 will be available with a factory-installed wireless hotspot, but you don’t need a $100K Audi to take advantage of in-vehicle mobile hotspots. In-cab mobile hotspots bring WiFi hotspots to you, allowing you to take care of business—no matter where your business takes you.

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Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 2, 2010 11:03:33 AM

RouteTracker is an Electronic On Board Recorder (EOBR) that connects directly to a vehicles engine computer and wirelessly connects to a variety of handheld mobile devices to display electronic driver log books. RouteTracker’s driver logs are 100% compliant with the most recent FMCSA regulations and all reports are available in real-time via web-based reporting. Detailed reports include:

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MCAA Member Good Ideas

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Jun 1, 2010 11:04:32 AM

During the 23rd MCAA Annual Meeting couriers from across the United States joined to share their good ideas during focus groups. Here are a few of the good ideas that were mentioned during the show and in the MCAA blog:

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