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HVAC Mobility Solutions

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 30, 2009 8:07:11 AM

Increase service calls completed. Like everyone these days you want to do more with less. As a field service company, that can mean completing more service calls with the same number of technicians.

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Motorola Business Two-Way Radios

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 27, 2009 8:08:10 AM

Today’s fast paced business world requires smarter, faster and more secure communication. Instant two-way communication improves productivity and provides superior customer service. Business two-way radios are designed for retail, manufacturing and warehouse environments and allow employees to instantly, easily and discreetly communicate in the workplace.

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Motorola MC9500 Spec Sheet

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 26, 2009 8:08:47 AM

In our Sept. 16th post we announced the release of the Motorola MC9500 industrial-class mobile computer. We provided information about key features, but many of you may want to know more. To learn more about the newest addition to the MC9000 family you can Download the Datasheet.

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DecisionPoint Proof of Delivery Success Story

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 25, 2009 8:09:17 AM

DecisionPoint offers solutions for many different industries that include hardware, software and professional services. Over the next few weeks I’ll be providing success stories from different industries that chose DecisionPoint solutions. The following brief summary describes a solution that DecisionPoint provided a proof of delivery and yard management company.

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GPS Tracking Solution Benefits

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 24, 2009 8:09:53 AM

In our Nov. 6th post we went over the features of Agilis Systems’ SmartLOCATE GPS tracking software. Now let’s take a quick look at exactly what a GPS tracking solution can do for you:

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Field Mobility ROI

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 23, 2009 8:11:48 AM

Implementing mobile applications in field service operations offers a quick and easy way to realize Return on Investment (ROI). Examples from DecisionPoint customers include:

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Mobile Device Provisioning

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 20, 2009 8:13:34 AM

Deploying mobile computers yourself can be expensive and time-consuming. Manually loading each mobile device with the correct network and device settings and software can easily take hours. The more mobile computers you deploy, the greater the risk of errors and skipped steps. You’ve probably heard the saying “You don’t know what you don’t know!” If you don’t know about a firmware or operating system update, how can you know to apply it? The same goes for knowing how to configure your mobile devices for optimal performance. The best way to ensure a trouble-free out-of-the-box experience is by relying on mobility experts. Provisioning a mobile computer typically includes:

  • Loading the latest firmware, operating system and device drivers
  • Carrier activation
  • Customizing dozens of settings
  • Installation of application software
  • Installation of supporting software and utilities
  • Installation of device management software
  • Limiting access to only approved applications and settings


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CXT Software for Couriers

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 19, 2009 8:14:25 AM

The courier industry is an integral part of the economy and provides the last minute delivery and supply that has become our nature. Many industries rely on same day or less than 24-hours delivery for vital supplies or sensitive items. Delivery of important documents and packages is what distinguishes courier services from other types of delivery services. For this reason, courier workers require a mobile solution they can rely on to satisfy their customers.

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Motorola MC70 Healthcare Applications

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 18, 2009 8:16:03 AM

In the past we’ve discussed certain mobile devices and the specific field mobility applications that they’re designed for. Today I’d like to duck indoors and provide more information about the Motorola MC70 and why it’s a perfect fit for the healthcare industry.

With the increasing need for accurate reporting and tracking within a healthcare environment, many hospitals are providing their workers with mobile computers to elevate patient care and facilitate compliance with government regulations. The MC70 mobile computer is designed to withstand the demanding healthcare environment and will minimize paperwork and human error. The following video from Motorola shows how the MC70 can facilitate bed side dosage administration and provides everything workers need to increase productivity and accuracy.

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MiTEzSales Mobile- Sales Force Automation Software

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 17, 2009 8:17:08 AM

Optimizing customer deliveries is critical for Direct Store Delivery (DSD) providers. Employing a proven enterprise solution for your mobile sales force will increase accuracy, productivity and customer satisfaction. MiTEzSales Mobile is MiT Systems’ flagship Sales Force Automation software designed for use by mobile sales representatives in the DSD Industry. MiT EzSales Mobile offers a suite of applications:

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Technology That Empowers Me

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 16, 2009 8:18:12 AM

I began my corporate career as a Systems Engineer for MSI Data which many years and a couple acquisitions later became a division of Motorola. My first day was spent meeting with various co-workers to get a lay of the land. That day was also the day I received my first piece of corporate technology- a “pager”. As the role of a Systems Engineer was to meet with customers, I was often “in the field”. With the pager firmly attached to my belt, I was now available or at least reachable to everyone in the organization. As I soon learned, being available had its drawbacks and while I knew when I was needed, I was not always able to promptly respond due to the limited (one way) communication that this device provided and the lack of public phones in various parts of the country. Over the years the pager evolved. First supporting two-way messaging then came along the cell phone and text messaging, more recently my device not only began to support voice and data (text) but I also had a real-time connection to the corporate email server. Each new advancement allowed me to be contacted by more methods as well as respond in real-time. The latest iteration of my corporate technology provides the ability to access the World Wide Web. Now, not only can I communicate with co-workers in real-time but I have access to an unlimited source of information such as receiving driving directions, downloading company information or making travel reservations.

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Motorola MC70 Ruggedness Video

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 13, 2009 8:19:00 AM

It’s been awhile since we featured a video of a mobile computer putting up with abuse and I thought this one was pretty amazing. Although listed as an MC75 in the video this is actually an MC70 being thrown in a fire.


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Is This a 4 or a 9?

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 12, 2009 8:19:49 AM

I’m sure you’ve all been in this situation before. Is this a 4 or a 9? Handwritten data can cause costly mistakes, but data capture and mobile printing technologies can eliminate the need to interpret sloppy handwritten data and will reduce errors. Implementing bar code scanning increases accuracy so data is captured quickly and easily with a simple press of a button. No more scrutinizing to determine what the data might be. Mobile printing technologies also eliminate these kinds of mistakes by allowing mobile workers to print documents out in the field that are easy to read and accurate.

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Datamax-O’Neil PrintPAD

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 11, 2009 8:20:47 AM

The Datamax-O’Neil PrintPAD is an integrated printing system that combines your mobile computer and printer in an easy-to-carry all-in-one device. The PrintPAD conveniently and securely holds your mobile device, communicates with your mobile printer and both can be charged from a single device. The PrintPAD is designed for field service andDSD environments and allows mobile workers to:

This simplifies operations and also saves your business money on additional accessories. The following video provides more information about the features and benefits that the PrintPAD offers.


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MobileCare™ Technical Support

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 10, 2009 8:21:59 AM

In our Sept. 24th post we introduced DecisionPoint’s MobileCare support services suite and had follow up posts on MobileCare™ Device Management, MobileCare™ Software Support and MobileCare™ Express Depot, today I’d like to introduce the fourth MobileCare™ offering- Technical Support.

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Motorola Introduces MC3100 Series Mobile Computer

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 9, 2009 8:22:57 AM

Building on the successful MC3000 Series, Motorola has announced the release of the MC3100 Series mobile computer that offers advanced computing power. Built for within the four-walls, the MC3100 Series provides anytime mobility in retail stores, warehouse aisles, out in the yard or on the loading dock. The MC3100 offers the latest in mobile technology and security features, including:

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SmartLOCATE GPS Tracking Software

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 6, 2009 8:23:43 AM

Location-Based Services (LBS) or GPS location tracking allows your business to effectively manage mobile resources to ensure they’re in the right place at the right time. Real-time information can provide insights into whether or not your resources are being used effectively.

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Motorola VC5090 Vehicle-Mounted Mobile Computer

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 5, 2009 8:24:30 AM

As we’ve done in the past, today we’re going to duck indoors and focus on some solutions designed for within your four walls. In several of our Aug. posts we took a look at different types of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Today I’d like to provide more information about a product designed specifically to streamline warehouse operations- the Motorola VC5090 Vehicle-Mounted Mobile Computer.

The VC5090 is designed to withstand all-day use in the harshest warehouse environments, such as coolers, freezers and the loading dock. Ideal for receiving, put-away and replenishment, the VC5090 can endure the rigors of forklift operations and improve productivity of forklift operators. Some key features that make the VC5090 perfect for warehouse operations include:

  • Industrial and military grade specifications for vibration
  • Rugged construction
  • Operates reliably in temperatures from -22° to 122° F (-30° to 50° C)
  • Touchscreen or keypad designed for gloved hands
  • Real-time wireless connectivity
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MobileCare™ Express Depot

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 4, 2009 8:25:22 AM

In the Oct. 27th post we provided more information about DecisionPoint’s new MobileCare™ Software Support offering. DecisionPoint recently announced the release of the next component in the MobileCare Support suite- Express Depot. Express Depot eliminates the hassle of dealing with broken and damaged mobile computers by supplying DecisionPoint customers with a spare pool of devices specifically configured for their operation.

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Near Field Communication Video

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 3, 2009 8:26:38 AM

In our post yesterday we introduced Near Field Communication(NFC) and went over the impact it will have on mobile payment processing solutions. Today I’d like to provide more information about NFC by including this short video. The video features a variety of ways that NFC-enabled phones and credit cards can be used to make payments at vending machines with a simple “tap.” Although not related specifically to field mobility this video does a good job of showing exactly what NFC is capable of in regards to mobile payment.


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Near Field Communication (NFC) Payments

Posted by DecisionPoint Team on Nov 2, 2009 8:27:20 AM

Near Field Communication or NFC is the latest wireless technology that is creating quite a buzz. Although a new technology, NFC-enabled mobile devices, deployments and pilots are occurring around the world. NFC is a short-range wireless connectivity technology that allows communication between electronic devices. One of the key features of NFC is the ability to make payments by simply tapping a credit card to a mobile device. This feature is perfect for a mobile workforce that processes payments out in the field. The major benefits of NFC for mobile payment processing are:

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