Android 4.0 Rolling Out in Next Few Months

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Posted Nov 11, 2011 11:27:02 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

Android-4.01Android 4.0, also known as “Ice Cream Sandwich” is the latest update to the Android OS and will be rolling out to mobile devices over the next few months. Android 4.0 is full of new features—here are just a few:

  • New User Interface-blends the tablet and smartphone experience and includes multi-tasking icons for most recently used apps and context-adaptable software buttons.
  • Face Unlock-face recognition capability to unlock your smartphone instead of using a PIN.
  • Speech Command-create emails and text messages simply by speaking.
  • Android Beam-uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to share apps, maps, files, videos and more simply by tapping two Android 4.0 phones together.

And many more innovative new features!

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