6 Ways Mobile Computing Increases Efficiency

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Posted Jun 22, 2017 7:30:00 AM by Stan Jaworski & filed under mobile computing

Technology has dramatically changed the landscape of business. Organizations that once depended on computers and wired technology are now shifting to wireless technologies that allow for greater freedom and mobility. Why not? The world is going mobile and businesses, whether big or small, can gain many benefits from using mobile computing technology.

Mobile computing solutions

Mobilize workers and connect them with the information they need to make key decisions at the point of activity. Organizations that empower their mobile workers with access to secure, real-time information help them perform their tasks more effectively and efficiently. Mobile computing also allows businesses to streamline their processes, speed up transactions and improve overall operations, leading to better customer experiences, increased customer satisfaction and a rise in profit and revenue.

If you have not already joined the mobile computing trend, you might want to rethink adopting the technology which could give you the following benefits:

  1.  Increased accuracy. Mobility solutions allow electronic data transfer, which is quicker and less prone to transcription and interpretation errors that often result in paper-based processes. Because this transfer of data is done online, there is greater transparency and accountability.
  1. Decreased paperwork. There is no need for manual data entry that is prone to human error and data loss. With tools such as handheld computers, RFID transponders, barcode readers and mobile printers, mobile workers can be more efficient n their tasks. Field technicians and fleet personnel do not have to write invoices and receipts by hand; nor do they need to manually sort through paper records to get the information they need.
  1. Greater productivity, less time. The use of mobile computing devices allows quicker access to more accurate information. Anywhere they may be, employees with network access to the company's database can get the information they need to effectively accomplish their tasks. When all employees are allowed this kind of access, they can increase their individual productivity, which in turn enhances the overall productivity of the company; more work is done in less time.
  1. More informed decision making. Mobile computing solutions allow real-time access to critical information, which employees need to function effectively. This important information can then be used to make better decisions regarding things like asset and inventory management, procurement, distribution, fleet deployment and even customer service.
  1. Reduced overhead cost. Deploying mobile computing solutions allows businesses to save on operating expense. Because there is increased individual productivity, companies can more effectively utilize headcount and avoid the need for additional employees. This is especially helpful for small businesses with limited manpower. Tasks that can be automated can be left to mobile devices so staff can focus on tasks that generate revenue.
  1. Greater customer satisfaction. Access to the company's resources allows frontline staff to answer customer queries real-time. If a customer is asking about a product that is not on the shelves, retail staff can quickly check inventory and notify the customer accordingly. Technicians can immediately place orders that customers require, which decreases long wait times. Customer satisfaction levels rise when staff is responsive to customer needs. Better customer experiences mean greater customer satisfaction, greater customer loyalty, and more return busines.


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