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Posted Mar 5, 2013 10:03:50 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

“With enterprises under extreme pressure from management and employees to develop and deploy mobile applications to accommodate mobile work styles and increase customer engagement, Gartner, Inc. predicts that more than 50 percent of mobile apps deployed by 2016 will be hybrid”. – Gartner 2013

For today’s Line of Business, it’s about solving business problems cost effectively; leveraging information and insight to accelerate return on investment. But tools are only the tip of the iceberg; the user’s experience, associated design methodology and the enterprise systems integration ultimately will make your next generation applications successful.

This certainly jives with what we observe in consultation with our Enterprise customers. The paralysis from analysis is receding, partly due to the improvement in the economic outlook, but also perhaps as the cross platform tools (and the output) quality have also improved to a point such that now it is hard to tell where native stops and cross platform starts from a feature function point of view.

In short the tools and the requirements are now mature enough to compel customers forward.

‘Natural usability’ is the difference between an application where the adoption grows and the application investment is recognized as a tool vs. a ‘paper weight’ that in the end will drive a wedge between IT and business operations. Done correctly, end user adoption goes up and training costs go down.

Today compelling, intuitive design must go hand and hand with the enterprise systems integration, if enterprise data is not mobilized in an easy to use, and consume way, the capital investment is at risk and the ROI is most certainly extended.

Properly designed, implemented and managed mobile applications are critical to maintaining competitive pace for any organization.

Understanding the requirements and applying the modern technology paradigms is key to a successful mobile project. Check out our recent ConsumerPrise Live Webinar recording here:

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