5 Musts to Starting a Mobile Project

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Posted Apr 27, 2015 9:00:00 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

Include users from all areas of the business

More often than we like to admit the key decision markers for many mobile projects are limited to the business heads and IT. However, experience has taught us that the most successful implementations include users from all business functions including field workers. Including a wide range of user groups helps to ensure that all of the business requirements are captured and also goes a long way towards achieving buy in and support for the project.

Prioritize requirements

As with most things, our desires outweigh our resources. This is often the case with mobile computing solutions as well. However, this is not a reason for discouragement. The key is prioritizing the requirements relative to the business needs. Once you have a prioritized list a development plan will become clear.

Define phases

Local grouping the prioritized items enables the project team to create development and rollout intervals. Creating phases allows projects to be broken down into smaller more manageable pieces and significantly reduces project risk.

Set mile stones

Mobile projects do not happen over night or without a goal. Setting project miles stones enables the project team to continue monitor their progress against the plan and make adjustments if required

Lean forward

The only way to get to the finish line is to start the race. Waiting for a PERFECT project definition or perfect rollout schedule will only delay your project start and ability to leverage the process and customer benefits that mobility can provide. Even talking small steps is better than standing still.

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